Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Country Overview

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Democratic Republic of Congo Country Overview

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) continues to face acute and complex humanitarian crises characterized by internal displacement and widespread insecurity. According to the World Bank, the mortality rate for children under-five remains one of the highest in the world at 62 deaths per 1,000 live births (2021). These causes of death, often preventable, are aggravated by high rates of malnutrition, lack of access to clean water and gender-based violence (GBV).

Since 2000, IMA World Health (IMA) has been a key partner in the DRC’s development and humanitarian response, working alongside the Congolese government and local and international organizations, to revitalize the health system and fight disease. Through long-standing relationships with the Ministry of Health and a robust faith-based network, IMA has provided direct assistance in 251 health zones, consistently and distinctively operating in the country’s most remote and challenging areas where successive armed conflicts and political instability have demanded creativity and unparalleled local partnership.

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