• Frequently Asked Questions

What does “IMA” stand for?

Our most frequent question! IMA stands for “Interchurch Medical Assistance, Inc.” IMA was originally founded by a group of six Protestant mission boards who relied on us to support their clinics all over the world. As IMA grew to manage our own health projects, we began doing business as IMA World Health.

Who can I speak with about making a gift?

The generosity of caring people makes our work possible, and we strive to make the most impact with every gift. If you’re ready to give now, you can safely and conveniently give online on our secure Donate page. To learn more about our giving options, please contact Fundraising Officer Jennifer Bentzel at 717-353-5088, info@imaworldhealth.org or 202-888-6200.

But I have grandma’s wheelchair (or any other item) and she always gave to IMA World Health. She would’ve wanted you to have it.

  • We are grateful for wanting to honor your relative’s enthusiasm for our mission. However, shipping wheelchairs and some other devices isn’t cost effective or in line with our current needs.
  • Here are some places that could likely use a wheelchair: local church or house of worship, Goodwill Industries, local retirement home.

I’m a doctor and have all these _______ (insert item here). I don’t want them to go to waste.

  • Thank you for thinking of us. Medical journals and manuals are most useful to a medical library, which we don’t maintain. Might we suggest the Welch Medical Library at Johns Hopkins?
  • We are not accepting donations of medical supplies from private individuals at this time.

“But we’ve always made Safe Motherhood Kits and shipped them to New Windsor.”

  • Thank you for the continued support of IMA. We’re working on updating our SMK program so that it is most useful to those in need. Until that new program is launched, can we interest you in supporting our work in other ways?
My organization is interested in partnering with IMA. Who can I contact about it?

IMA World Health is always looking for partners with skills and expertise to complement ours.

  • If you’re an NGO or FBO looking to partner on a health or development project, please contact Kerry Brown, Acting Senior Director of Business Development at kerrybrown@imaworldhealth.org.
  • If you’re a corporation or private business looking to provide an in-kind donation or products for use in our projects, please contact procurement@imaworldhealth.org.
Can IMA provide financial support to my organization?

IMA does not provide monetary support to individuals, churches, mission groups or other entities.

Are you hiring?

IMA often has new opportunities for caring, qualified people to join our team. Visit our careers page for current postings.

How can I request a speaker from IMA?

We love sharing about our work with anyone who will listen. Please fill out the Request a Speaker form, and we’ll get back to you soon.