IHSD in Haiti: Year 2, Quarter 1

Project Overviews

IHSD in Haiti: Year 2, Quarter 1

Funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), IMA World Health implements the Improved Health Service Delivery – Integrated Health Resilience Activity (IHSD) in collaboration with its consortium of local partners — Centres de Développement et de la Santé, Zanmi Lasanté, FONDEFH, FOSREF, Konesans Fanmi. IHSD increases access to integrated health care in Haiti with an emphasis on quality and patient-centric primary health care services to ensure a continuum of care and efficient use of resources. This includes technologies, best practices and innovation to support sustainable health service delivery through a decentralized approach in six departments: West, Central, Artibonite, North, North-West and North-East. Under the Global Health New Partnerships Initiative (NPI), the activity harnesses the potential of new and underutilized partners at all levels of the health system to accelerate the equitable availability of quality essential health services, to strengthen the capacity of local partners and to prepare local partners to transition to direct funding in the third and fourth years of implementation.

Results from October – December 2023

During the first quarter of year two of implementation, IHSD continued to face a challenging environment in Haiti marked by a complex and volatile security and socio-economic context. However, through strong partnerships with USAID, MSPP and local partners, IHSD strengthened 139 health facilities and community programs to increase availability, access and use of quality health services to target populations.

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