• Our global response to COVID-19

LATEST: IMA World Health is working with longstanding local partners through Corus International to respond to the COVID-19 surge in India and Nepal, providing support to overwhelmed hospitals and helping rural communities to limit the spread of the virus.

Working with our Corus family member Lutheran World Relief, we are assisting hospitals in accessing critical supplies like personal protective equipment, oxygen, ventilators and basic medicines. We are also helping long-standing community organizations that reach deep into communities, providing information and supplies to prevent COVID's spread. Read More.

Situation Report No. 2: 2021 Global COVID-19 Response

OVERVIEW: The novel coronavirus has exposed how connected we are as humanity and just how many of our problems are related.

As part of Corus International's family of organizations responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, IMA World Health leads the health interventions in Corus’ suite of programming. Our COVID-19 response efforts build on our extensive experience in outbreak response, including during the last four Ebola outbreaks, and deep partnerships with ministries of health as well as faith-based health care networks.

Through these local partnerships, IMA is

  • Providing information, technical assistance, equipment and supplies to implement IPC in health facilities;
  • Supporting community surveillance and contact tracing efforts;
  • Developing and disseminating informative messaging to the public on the virus and safety measures they can take; and
  • Strengthening the capacity and resilience of health systems and communities to cope with future shocks.

Hover over the dots on the map below to learn more about the details of Corus’ and IMA’s COVID-19 response programming around the world.

Introducing INUNISON

INUNISON, an interactive e-newsletter from Corus International, keeps you up-to-date on our latest work, successes, and lessons learned on-the-ground as well as on timely insights from our experts and opportunities to work with us in international development.

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