Change a man’s life: donations matched through June 30

  • Jun 14, 2016


here are more than 30 million men1 and boys worldwide who have been robbed of their dignity by a preventable and treatable condition.


Click the image to see a hydrocele. (Caution: Graphic content)

It’s called hydrocele, the result of lymphatic filariasis. The disease causes the scrotum to fill with so much fluid, it restricts mobility and makes life miserable.

It robs husbands, fathers and other men of their dignity. But this Father’s Day, we wanted to give at least 250 men in Tanzania their lives back.

We reached our goal and then some. But there is still much to do.

IMA World Health supports patients suffering from scrotal hydrocele—a symptom of lymphatic filariasis—through surgery, training surgeons and community awareness.


Festus Ng’itu

In Tanzania, where hydrocele is very common, we support the government’s health system, using local hospital-based personnel whose capacity is built by surgeons from the national referral program. But we also help men like Festus Ng’itu, a farmer.

Ng’itu suffered with his hydrocele for 10 years. “Life was difficult. Farming was difficult. Even laying in bed was difficult,” he says. “It was terrible but now I am fine.”

A simple procedure – costing just $75 – can give men like Festus Ng’itu their lives back.

By June 30, we’re trying to reach more men with hydrocele. Through the generosity of a donor, we are able to match donations dollar-for-dollar. That means when you give a $75 gift, we’ll be able to provide two men in Tanzania with hydrocele surgeries. Your gift will transform the lives of even more men.

Gifts made to IMA World Health support our entire mission of health, healing and well-being, and they will be directed to where they are most needed.

1. WHO, 2013

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