Renard Nangugi

enard Nangugi’s problem grew worse and worse. He had suffered with lymphatic filariasis for years with symptoms as crippling as they were embarrassing.

“When I had this disease the situation was not good,” Nangugi said.  “I tried to work but I felt pain.”

The lymphatic filariasis that beleaguered Renard Nangugi was most prominent because of his hydrocele, a fluid-filled scrotal sack that can swell to the size of a basketball. IMA World Health works closely with Tanzania’s Ministry of Health to help educate physicians, public health workers and the public about the disease. IMA also helps patients who can’t afford the $75 surgery.

“When I heard the news that those with hydrocele could go to IMA World Health for help, I went for surgery,” Nangugi said. “Now my life has come back to normal. Farming is good.”

Hydrocele is all too common in Tanzania, where we’re trying to provide surgeries for 250 men suffering the indignity of the disease. A simple, $75 surgery can return a husband or father to work.

A generous donor has agreed to match your gift dollar-for-dollar between now and June 30. That means together, we can reach twice as many husbands, fathers, brothers and partners who need our help.

Please give generously, and honor the man in your life by helping another man who dreams of living a normal life.

All gifts matched $1 for $1 now through June 30. You can help us provide treatment for 250 men by raising $18,750.

The typical Father’s Day gift falls far short of a gift that will improve the lives of men suffering from lymphatic filariasis. Giving a father the gift of his livelihood and improved quality of life is priceless.

Consider making your gift to IMA World Health in honor of the special father or fathers in your life:

  • A beard trimmer costing $75 could provide one man with a hydrocele surgery.
  • A $150 watch could provide two men with hydrocele surgeries.
  • A $250 cordless drill could provide three men with hydrocele surgeries.
  • A $500 gas grill could provide six men with hydrocele surgeries.

The father(s) you honor will receive a card or email letting them know of your amazing life-changing gift. It’s an instant gift that will forever change a life.

Gifts made to IMA World Health support our entire mission of health, healing and well-being, and they will be directed to where they are most needed.

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“Before the surgery I couldn’t work and I felt ashamed”









“Now my life is good and my wife has returned. “