herefore, since it is by God’s mercy that we are engaged in this ministry, we do not lose heart. — 2 Corinthians 4:1 (NSRV)

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is currently in the grip of its longest and deadliest Ebola outbreak to date. It is the second-largest Ebola outbreak ever recorded and continues to grow. IMA World Health is working in the epicenter of the outbreak to identify patients who need care and equip health care centers with lifesaving protection supplies and sanitation and waste management facilities. We’re also helping religious leaders teach their members how to spot the symptoms of Ebola and to promote cooperation with Ebola response teams.

For the more than 2,000 families who lost loved ones, children often suffer the most.

Your congregation’s gift will rush support directly to children in the eastern Congo, who have lost parents to Ebola, and are unable to attend school because their family can no longer afford it.

For every $110 you give, you’ll provide one child with their uniform, supplies and school fees for an entire year.

How many children can your congregation help?

Thank you for responding to this urgent and critical request.


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To ensure your gift is rushed directly to children affected by the Ebola crisis, please note “DRC Children” on the check.


You can submit your gift through our secure online giving system.

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