Life is Beautiful

  • Apr 28, 2015


es, even in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), life can be beautiful. It is because of you, IMA World Health is rebuilding and transforming health for millions all over the country.

Over the years you’ve read about the wars and horrible atrocities in DRC. You’ve also heard about millions of lives lost to curable and preventable diseases. Now we can give you some good news, and let you know that life indeed is beautiful.

I’m writing you to ask for your continued financial support of our annual campaign. With your generous help we can continue our work in DRC, as well as in Tanzania, South Sudan, Haiti and even here in the United States. Your investment in IMA makes it possible for us to change – and save – lives throughout the world!

Here are a few ways that you help IMA and our partners make a difference in DRC:

  • Created a sustainable medical system that touches nine million residents.
  • Provided more residents with health care – in one hospital, new patients increased from 60 per month to 400 per month!
  • Helped train thousands of doctors, nurses and aides to maintain the health care system.

What does this mean in real world terms?

It means that babies have a chance at being born in a healthy environment.

It means that getting rid of intestinal worms gives children an opportunity to go to school.

It means that people afflicted with malaria and typhoid are brought back to health.

Of course, none of this would be possible without our partners and without you, our loyal donors. I am grateful for your help. I fully realize that asking you for financial support is no small matter. But, your gifts are critical for us to continue our important work alongside our partners.

While you might think your support doesn’t make a noticeable difference, it does. In fact, you make a tremendous difference.

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Tanzania and see first-hand your gifts at work. I can report to you that we are making a demonstrable difference – all because of your generous gifts to IMA.

I know that if you accompanied me on a trip to Africa, and you were a witness to even one of our projects, it would inspire you much more than I can do here.

If you could go to the DRC and meet Josephine and learn how she owned a business that gave her many financial rewards, but took advantage of women and young girls. However, with IMA’s help, and that of our partners, Josephine gave up her business and turned into a respected community mobilizer. Now she empowers others instead of exploiting them.

The change in Josephine is a beautiful thing to behold. And, I hope knowing you are part of the solution moves you to give again.

You can help us continue to make an impact by making a donation. I am asking you because it is important. And, because you can make a difference.

An anonymous donor has issued a challenge, which will double your gift! This donor will match all gifts up to $40,000.

Please give – and your gift will be doubled!

I thank you in advance for your continued financial support. I am grateful to you for believing in our work.


Richard L. Santos

President and CEO



See more photos and stories from IMA’s DRC staff member Crystal Stafford’s blog post about how beautiful life is in the DRC.