A satellite dish can be seen outside of a health clinic in Malakal, S.Sudan. Through the efforts of IMA and the Government of South Sudan remote health clinics in the Upper Nile and Jonglei states have internet access. IMA World Health/Christopher Glass

Improved communication saves lives

  • Aug 28, 2013

IMA World Health/ Christopher Glass

Effective health systems rely on consistent communication and sharing of information. Decades of fighting have left South Sudan without basic infrastructure that is common in many other countries.

Dusty roads turn to mud during rainy seasons making travel extremely difficult for many months out of the year. Cell phone communication is not available in the rural regions of the country leaving many health departments and clinics isolated as they work diligently to serve their communities.

IMA World Health has partnered with the Government of South Sudan to solve this problem in the Upper Nile and Jonglei States through the Rapid Results Health Projectfunded by the Ministry of Health/World Bank.

Since 2008, IMA has worked with the government to purchase and install VSAT systems to link together these distant regions. In March, six new systems were installed bringing internet access to all 24 County Health Departments in both states. County health offices  now have access to the internet allowing for better  collection and monitoring of data, communication with the state entities to facilitate sharing of information and requests.Quick access to information can save lives and this type of infrastructure will be available for future health workers making a long-term impact on the quality of health in the country.