Why I support IMA: Dr. Gregg Sylvester

  • Dec 11, 2017

Donors are the foundation of IMA World Health’s vital and lifesaving work. Without their support, IMA couldn’t help women and children beat cancer in Tanzania or support survivors of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

IMA is built on the belief that we can go farther together than we ever could alone.

Gregg Sylvester, MD, MPH, is a preventive medicine expert with a passion for disease prevention and health promotion on a local, statewide and global basis. His diverse leadership positions include serving as the Global Medical Lead for Pfizer’s pediatric pneumococcal vaccine and as the Worldwide Medical Lead for Merck’s HPV vaccine.

As an expert on and spokesperson for childhood and adolescent vaccines, Dr. Sylvester is a natural ally in IMA World Health’s work to prevent and treat disease around the world.

“Gregg is an incredible champion of bringing health and healing to those in the margins, those IMA serves,” IMA World Health President and CEO Rick Santos said. “He shares his expertise and his resources. We are grateful for his support.”

IMA is proud that Dr. Sylvester was also named the new President of IMA’s Board of Directors in November 2017. He has served on the IMA board since October 2013.

“I support IMA World Health because they make a world of difference.”



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