IMA’s president will help to shape global vaccine efforts

  • May 17, 2017

IMA World Health President and CEO Rick Santos is proud to have served on the Gavi Civil Society Organization’s Steering Committee for three years. As that term was ending, he was asked to serve as chair of the Oversight Advisory Group, which oversees three Gavi-funded projects to build national immunization platforms in 25 countries, and a regional West African Francophone platform.

Civil society organizations like IMA World Health play a crucial role in immunization, and in ending preventable maternal mortality and child deaths. IMA joins more than 3,000 CSOs worldwide in forming the Gavi CSO Constituency for Immunisation and Stronger Health Systems to advocate for increased access to immunization and health services.

Santos served as vice-chair of the steering committee during the final year of his term. In his new role, Santos will continue to work with the steering committee and the larger constituency through the end of 2018.

“I am very proud to have three years representing faith-based CSOs and contributing to Gavi’s goal of reducing preventable childhood deaths through vaccinations. I strongly believe in Gavi’s mission and the role of civil society in achieving that mission.”
— IMA President and CEO Rick Santos

The Gavi CSO Constituency is a diverse network of civil society organizations motivated to support the mission of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. Each of the 18 CSOs represented on the steering committee brings a unique and valuable perspective to the work of the alliance, as well as important organizational resources to support Gavi’s mission. Each organization also plays a different part in ensuring vaccines reach children.

Rick Santos, IMA World Health President and CEO
Rick Santos, President and CEO of IMA World Health

“Vaccines prevent more than 2 million deaths every year,” Santos said. “IMA World Health has championed increasing access to vaccines for many years, and we have seen firsthand a decline in preventable diseases in some of the most vulnerable areas of the world. CSOs have a critical role in ensuring this important work continues.”

IMA World Health is a faith-based nonprofit organization that helps vulnerable communities to overcome their public health challenges. Founded in 1960 and operating within six countries, IMA World Health manages a diverse portfolio of public health programs.