President And CEO Rick Santos Named To GAVI Steering Committee

IMA World Health is proud to announce that President and CEO Rick Santos has been selected to serve on the Steering Committee for the GAVI Alliance’s Civil Society (CSO) Constituency.

GAVI’s mission is saving children’s lives and protecting people’s health by increasing access to immunization in poor countries.

“Through our work to advance health around the world, IMA has long been a champion of increasing access to vaccines,” Santos remarked. “We have seen firsthand the sharp decline in preventable disease that immunization can accomplish, and CSOs are an absolutely critical part of this important work. We are proud and excited to work with GAVI through this forum.”

The GAVI CSO Constituency consists of a diverse network of CSOs motivated to support the Alliance’s mission. The CSO Steering Committee is a group of 20 CSO representatives and is responsible for synthesizing broader feedback from the Civil Society Forum into specific inputs for the Board member, Alternate member, and other CSO Committee/task team representative(s) for ongoing GAVI Alliance policy and program discussion.