Abstracts From Our Work 2018 SBCC Summit

How evidence transformed the design of an SBCC intervention to improve nutrition in Tanzania.
Oral presentation: Dr. Generose Mulokozi on Wednesday, April 18, 10 a.m. in Uluwatu 5, presenting.

How formative research and a communications campaign changed policy maker and community commitment to reducing stunting in Indonesia.
Dearden KA, Hasan M, Torres S, Duberstein S, Crookston BT, West JH, Bennett C, Hall PC, Syafiq A, Linehan M.

Addressing Campaign Development and Design Challenges to Reduce Stunting in Indonesia
Muhamad H; Torres S, Linehan, M; Duberstein, S; Syafiq, A; Bennet, C; Crookston, B; Hall, C; West, J; Dearden, K.

Associations between feeding practices and illness in Indonesia
Dahle K, Manzione L, Muralidharan C, Dorsan G, Benally S, Crookston BT, West JH, Hall C, Torres S, Linehan M, Hasan M, Bennett C, Syafiq A, Dearden K.

Assessing and Increasing Indonesian mothers’ knowledge of stunting
Covey E, Beck R, Heaton T, Shrestha S, Verdeja M, Tounkara M, Bennett C, Crookston BT, Dearden KA, Hall PC, Hasan M, Linehan M, Syafiq A, Torres S, West JH.

Barriers to optimal breastfeeding behaviors in rural Indonesia
Belvedere L, Andreasen R, Smith R, Thomas K, Sever T, Syafiq A, Hasan I, Torres S, Linehan M, Bennett C, Dearden KA, West JH, Hall PC, Crookston, BT.

Factors associated with dietary diversity and meal frequency in an observational study of Indonesian children.
Crookston BT, Bennett C, Hall PC, Hasan M, Linehan M, Syafiq A, Torres S, West JH, Dearden KA.

Technology and health: Evaluating the Internet as a source of health information for mothers in rural Indonesia
West, J; Syafiq, A; Hasan, I; Torres, S; Linehan, M; Bennett, C; Dearden, K; Crookston, B; Hall, C.