Allison’s wish

  • Mar 23, 2016


ost 13-year-olds facing a critical illness would choose something fun for a special wish: a trip to an amusement park, or a fun getaway with friends.

But Allison?

She wanted to help children in Haiti. So, Make-A-Wish® Alaska and Washington worked with TOMS and IMA World Health to bring kids in Jacmel, Haiti some vital help—in a fun way.

“We knew Allison wanted to help kids have access to clean water, hygiene, and sanitation, so we’re making her wish come alive in this Jacmel school,” IMA World Health Program Officer Lior Miller said.

Kids at the Lavanneu national school will get support to organize a fun-filled day of games and parties with a focus on clean water and sanitation education. IMA World Health already works extensively at schools in the area to provide access to water, sanitation, education and hygiene activities, thanks to a $2.5 million partnership with Episcopal Relief & Development.

“A day with fun activities and a party-filled atmosphere will really help drive home the message that safe water, sanitation, and hygiene will help kids to stay healthy,” Miller said.

The fun day will be in early May.

See IMA staff members thank Allison for her gift in this video from Port-au-Prince, and get to know more about Allison here.