Overcoming sexual and gender based violence in DR Congo

About the Project

How do you change cultural norms that enable violence against women? By addressing the root causes, like inequality and a lack of access to basic health care.

The Women’s Leadership Project is a two-year add-on to the USHINDI Project in 9 Health Zones in Eastern DR Congo. Its purpose is to reinforce and mobilize women’s capacities for leadership and self-determination while promoting reproductive health/family planning.

Project Objectives

  • Strengthen capacity for women’s participation in the democratic process and conflict resolution
  • Identify and empower champions for family planning and reproductive health

Key Achievements

  • 700 community leaders and members of the community core groups in 20 health centers actively participated in evaluation and monitoring activities.
  • 9 counselors were strengthened in the management of key WLP indicators, given project management tools, and trained in data management, storage and analysis.
  • 156 community mobilizers were trained in techniques of family planning education.
  • 1,100 couples were identified as “champion couples” and were trained as social mobilizers for the promotion of gender equality, women’s leadership, optimal birth spacing messaging, and family planning.
  • 40,454 beneficiaries received family planning services.
  • 146,880 women and men of reproductive age were educated in family planning.



Timeframe: 2012-2014

Funding level: $1.125 million (US)

Donor: USAID


IMA’s Role: Lead Agency

Implementing Partners:

Technical Partners:


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