Lily Kaku, of the South Sudan Ministry of Health's Central Medical Store, checks inventory against a spreadsheet in preparation for distributing supplies. IMA World Health has been contracted by the Ministry of Health as the coordination and service delivery organization for RRHP since 2013. (Photo by Matt Hackworth/IMA World Health)

What We Do

IMA World Health offers sustainable and efficient solutions to health-related problems that are far too common in the developing world. IMA believes all people are children of God and thus deserve to lead healthy and productive lives. The founding members of IMA, Protestant Churches and church-based organizations, chose to be intentionally ecumenical to provide health services and to build healthy communities around the world. We can do more together than alone; that spirit of joint action remains foundational to IMA World Health today.

FIGHT DISEASETargeting specific diseases that plague the developing world and keep people in poverty
STRENGTHENING HEALTH SYSTEMSWorking with governments to strengthen the infrastructure of health care at every level
RESPOND TO SEXUAL AND GENDER-BASED VIOLENCEIMA’s holistic approach to addressing SGBV—incorporating social and financial recovery, as well as health—has made a lasting difference.
PREVENT AND TREAT HIV AND AIDSFor years, IMA World Health has implemented and strengthened a full range of conventional community- and facility-based interventions to prevent and treat HIV and AIDS, all of which support the UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets.
PROMOTE NUTRITION THROUGH BEHAVIOR CHANGE COMMUNICATIONIMA and our partners are seeing encouraging progress in our projects that aim to reduce child stunting.
PREVENT AND TREAT MALARIAIMA World Health works to prevent and treat malaria in some of the most insecure and challenging areas of South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
PROMOTE MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTHIMA World Health programs engage pregnant women, mothers and children to support their health, growth and well-being.
PROMOTE WATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEIMA recognizes the critical importance of improved water, sanitation and hygiene practices within its health systems strengthening programs.
PREVENT AND TREAT NEGLECTED TROPICAL DISEASESIMA has been working to address NTDs since the 1990s in Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean.