Gender-Based Violence Technical Overview

Technical Approaches

Gender-Based Violence Technical Overview

Corus International is an ensemble of global leaders in international development and humanitarian assistance. The Corus family includes public health agency IMA World Health, global aid organization Lutheran World Relief, technology for development company CGA Technologies, impact investing fund Ground Up Investing, and direct trade company Farmers Market Brands.

Corus is committed to preventing, mitigating and responding to gender-based violence (GBV) globally. GBV is not only a violation of human rights that undermines the safety and dignity of individuals, but it is a public health crisis that destabilizes the economic stability and security of communities and nations.

Corus understands the magnitude of GBV and its profound impact on families, communities and development outcomes. By embedding evidence-based approaches into program design and implementation, we work to reduce community tolerance to violence while decreasing the vulnerability of households and individuals, especially women and girls. This technical overview describes our approach and considers recommended strategies to address GBV.

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