Call 1-800-826-3288 on Wednesday, September 18 

Your voice can make the difference. On September 18, IMA World Health and other faith-based organizations have organized a national call-in day in support of international relief and development funding.

Calling your Congressional office is generally simpler and more rewarding than many people think. On many issues, a few calls from constituents can swing the balance. For international relief and development assistance, elected officials often say they need “cover” to avoid criticism for doing what they actually think is best. Your quick, straightforward call might make a big difference for our vulnerable neighbors around the world.

Sample script

  • I am a constituent of from . I am calling to urge full funding for international poverty focused development and humanitarian assistance. I ask that support the higher Senate numbers for this aid.
  • Foreign assistance saves millions of lives, enables people to become self-sufficient and benefits the U.S. by preventing future conflicts and creating a more secure world for everyone.
  • “Do you know position on funding international poverty-reduction aid?”

[If receptionist is unfamiliar with issue] “May I please speak with the person who handles this for your office?” Restate your view with the appropriate aide if possible. If you’re connected to the aide’s voice mail, leave a succinct message as above. If the receptionist doesn’t connect you, ask him or her to record your view and relay it to the Member of Congress.

Sample email

As a member of ________________, I am writing to urge your support for fu ll funding for international poverty- focused humanitarian and development assistance. I also ask that congress put an end to the devastating across the board cuts, which could exacerbate poverty and hunger around the world.

Although it is less than 1 percent of the overall budget, these programs have helped us cut extreme poverty in half over the last decade. While this is a remarkable achievement, too many of the world’s vulnerable and marginalized people are still needlessly suffering. We must increase—not cut—this life-giving assistance.

As a nation built on faithful principles, disproportionate cuts in poverty-focused foreign aid are antithetical to our most deeply held values; they unnecessari ly jeopardize the lives of our most vuln erable brothers and sisters, especially young children, and they further destabilize fragile societies.

For these reasons, I urge you to support full funding levels for all poverty-focused development and humanitarian accounts within the International Affairs budget.