Apel Bior from South Sudan

Apel Bior from South Sudan

ntense labor pain struck Apel Bior deep into the night. Living in a settlement with others forced from their homes by war, Apel assumed help with her labor wasn’t possible.

But because of you, an emergency boat ride across the Nile River meant Apel had a place to turn for help.

South Sudan is a nation gripped by conflict. A two-year civil war has shattered even the most basic infrastructure, especially health care facilities like Apel Bior needed.

Not knowing what to expect she didn’t tell anyone about her intense pain right away.

Three days later, Apel’s family and friends convinced her to go to the Bor State Hospital Reproductive Health Clinic in Minkaman. Health workers there found she faced an obstructed labor and she was referred to Bor State Hospital.

The problem? The hospital, and the care that would save Apel’s life, was across the Nile River.

FACT: Each year more than 500,000 women die in childbirth or from complications during pregnancy. (Source: WHO)

Apel had no money for transportation, so clinical staff arranged for her transportation through one of IMA’s partners, Sudan Medical Care. An SMC boat became Apel’s ambulance, and she soon arrived at Bor State Hospital where she later delivered a healthy baby boy with the help of a surgical team.

In a country with the world’s highest maternal mortality rate, you help mothers like Apel ensure they have access to the care they need – even if it takes a boat to get there.

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