Managing Medicines and Medical Supplies

About the Project

Since 1960, IMA has received donations of essential medicines and medical supplies from US manufacturers and hospitals to support international health care programs. Products from IMA’s Gifts-in-Kind (GIK) program have been sent to over 72 countries around the world, and in fiscal year 2012 alone, IMA received more than $100 million worth of pharmaceutical and medical supply donations.


Click here for a pdf with more information about the project.

We uphold the highest standards for responsible giving of in-kind donations, carefully monitoring the expiration dating and quality of the donation, providing only what is appropriate for the health needs in the recipient country, and adhering to the donation guidelines established by the World Health Organization for international giving.

IMA offers these donated products at significantly reduced prices to our Member agencies, approved partners, and volunteer medical mission groups.

Make a GIK Donation

We welcome the opportunity to partner with corporations to donate essential medicines in the developing world. Please contact Igor Samar, Senior Procurement Officer, at (202) 888-6200 or email

We will ask for the following information:

  • Company address and point of contact
  • NDC/Product number
  • A description of the item/s
  • Lot numbers
  • Expiration dates
  • Product strength
  • Approximate size of the package

IMA World Health will provide the corporate donor with a tax document to verify the value of the contribution for federal tax deduction purposes.