PC(USA) and IMA: a partnership from the start pcusalogo

A forerunner of the Presbyterian Church (USA) was a founding member of Interchurch Medical Assistance in 1960. The partnership between IMA World Health and PC(USA) remains a critical relationship that helps bring health, healing and well-being to all God’s children.

Together, we are changing lives around the world through programs we share.

Ending the scourge of Neglected Tropical Diseases

Maladies such as onchocerciasis, Burkitt’s Lymphoma, trachoma and other illnesses are pervasive across much of the Global South. Together, we help communities diagnose and treat diseases that profoundly and negatively impact lives.

Strengthening health care systems

Helping communities to have access to stronger, better health care systems is a primary goal of IMA World Health. In Africa, one way we accomplish this with PC(USA) support is to build the infrastructure of Africa’s Christian Health Associations for improved treatment and access to care.

We Will Speak Out US

PC(USA) Catalyst for Reconciliation Shannon Beck serves on the steering committee for We Will Speak Out US. This global effort reflects a coalition partnership that works together to harness efforts to prevent and eliminate sexual violence by supporting faith groups to speak out against sexual violence, show strong and positive leadership and become a ‘safe’ place for people to go to.

Seconded staff

PC(USA) missionaries and laypersons serve in a variety of roles that support the IMA World Health mission. Their services ranges from program leadership in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to support staff at headquarters and other important roles around the world.