Advisory Council on Maternal and Child Mortality Reduction

About the Project

Despite significant reductions in global childhood mortality rates, preventable childhood death remains a significant challenge in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This trend is coupled with equally staggering rates of maternal mortality, which continue to jeopardize Congolese children and families.

The goal of this project is to develop and maintain an Advisory Council to reduce maternal and child mortality in the DR Congo and to disseminate a Landscape Analysis focusing on maternal and child survival. The project works directly with the Congolese government to ensure activities are relevant to the national health efforts and actors, and complement the work of the Ministry of Health and key international players for sustainability.

ECI and IMA are working together to reinforce two existing high impact initiatives driven by the Congolese Ministry of Health: the Commission Technique Mixte (CTM) and the Task Force SMNE (Task Force for Maternal and Child Health). The Mission of both of these bodies is to attain the promises made in Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5 by accelerating the reduction of maternal and child mortality, through implementation of the national strategy for mortality reduction, “Cadre d’Acceleration de la Reduction de la Mortalite de la Mere et de l’Enfant” (CARMME/CAO 4&5).

The project provides technical support to bolster coordination of actors, mobilization of resources and involvement of the private sector, as well as civil society.


Timeframe: 2013 – 2014

Funding Level: $343,080 (US)

Donor: USAID

IMA’s Role: Implementing Partner


  • Eastern Congo Intiative (Lead Partner)
  • USAID through New Venture Fund (Grantee)

Project Objectives

  • Provide advocacy and donor engagement support for the effective implementation of maternal and child mortality reduction
  • Provide recommendations and guidelines for enhanced involvement of the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to implement/operationalize the “Framework” and to create an enabling environment for improved integration of CSOs and the private sector in maternal and child mortality reduction -related activities
  • Enhance the collaboration/coordination between entities working in the maternal and child mortality reduction sector
  • Support the SMNE Task Force at national and provincial levels to operationalize the “Framework”

Key Achievements

Achievements as of August 2014 include:

  • The CTM is recognized by all major stakeholders among donors, implementing partners and the national Ministry of Health as the lead coordinating body for efforts to accelerate the CAO 4/5.
  • During the week of the Red Cross in April 2014, 85 Red Cross volunteers and employees in Kinshasa province were trained on the Causes of Maternal Mortality and “Danger Signs in Pregnant Women”. Many of the participants teach at Kinshasa nursing schools.
  • The CAO 4 & 5 was featured in three high-profile events that included participation of representatives from training institutions and civil society; these events were broadcasted on TV and appeared in print media. These events have demonstrated the potential of the project to reach broad audiences with targeted messaging to publicize and raise the profile of the government strategy to reduce maternal and child mortality.
  • In June 2014, a day-long advocacy and information workshop co-hosted by the National and Kinshasa Provincial Expanded Program on Immunization was held for over 120 participants to brief them on the CAO 4 & 5 and the role of vaccination in this effort. Participants included medical authorities and the Health Zone management teams from Kinshasa Province.
  • ECI and IMA have begun to research and explore partnerships within the private sector, including meetings with Rawbank Foundation, MARSAVCO, Nestle, and ElectroCool to learn more about corporate social responsibility programs and mechanisms to capitalize on overlapping interests.