IMA World Health/Laura Burkey

No one can hide from father time – aging is inevitable. And as we age, we begin to focus more on good health. That’s why IMA World Health is joining in the global recognition of World Health Day on April 7th and the theme – good health adds life to years – as it tackles the issues that surround aging.

Regardless of age, a person’s physical, mental and social well-being is crucial to living an independent and healthy long life. Instead of adding years to life, it’s time to add life to the years we have left.

IMA World Health supports such efforts through its early detection program for cervical cancer, a childhood cancer called Burkitt’s Lymphoma treatment in Tanzania and HIV testing. Such preventative measures in dealing with HIV and cancer allows people to live longer and happier lives with their loved ones surrounding them.

Join IMA World Health in support of World Health Day and so much more.