Fighting Diseases that Keep People in Poverty


Poor sanitation, lack of health education, and lack of quality medical care are just a few factors that contribute to the spread of disease in developing countries. And without proper prevention and treatment, disease traps people – especially women and children – in a cycle of illness and poverty. Millions of people suffer and die every year from preventable and treatable diseases, but IMA is committed to saving and improving lives by targeting a number of these common diseases.

Our Targeted Diseases

Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs): Though these diseases have largely been eliminated in the rest of the world, NTDs persist in poor, tropical regions. IMA is contributing to the effort to control and eliminate these diseases through large scale national and international efforts.

Childhood Cancer: IMA focuses on Burkitt’s Lymphoma, an aggressive and disfiguring but highly treatable childhood cancer, found commonly in Tanzania.

Cervical Cancer: Tanzania has one of the world’s highest rates of cervical cancer, but IMA’s efforts to provide early detection and same-day treatment are saving lives.

Malaria: Malaria puts half the world’s population at risk, but simple interventions are making a big difference to keep people healthy.

HIV/AIDS: HIV/AIDS is the world’s leading infectious disease and the #1 cause of death in Africa. IMA is part of the massive effort to prevent new infections and treat people living with HIV.