IMA World Health/Christopher Glass

Twenty-two year old Nyadut felt a sharp pain in his left leg and passed out.

“When I woke up a day later, I found my leg tied by a tight elastic cloth, but I was not in the hospital. I was brought home after being found in the bush helpless,” said Nyadut.

There were no hospitals near his village in the Jonglei State of South Sudan.  Nyadut was taken home, where his relatives used local herbs treat his wound. But the pain got worse, and he grew weaker with each passing day as infection spread throughout his leg.

The nearest hospital was a seven-day walk from his home, and travel was extremely dangerous due to fighting and local unrest. After a month, Nyadut was carried to Boma Hospital by relatives and village members.

When he arrived he was malnourished, anemic and close to death. The infection had spread far enough to require doctors to amputate his leg, but – thankfully – they were equipped with the medicine needed to treat him.

Within 90 days, Nyadut was able to recover and walk out of the clinic with help of a new pair of crutches. His life had been saved.

IMA’s Rapid Results Health Project (RRHP), funded by the World Bank, supports all 284 health facilities in Upper Nile and Jonglei states – including Boma Hospital where Nyadut was treated. The project has touched the lives of millions of people and continues to send essential medicine and medical supplies to fill storage rooms in hospitals and clinics run by the local County Health Departments.

IMA has purchased and distributed over 50 tons of medicine to 284 health facilities in 24 counties in South Sudan this past year, including the one where Nyadut was treated. Without such support, the sick and injured would have little hope for treatment. Thank you for the support you lend IMA so such needs can be met.