ust as the hopeful gathered along the dusty road to watch Jesus enter Jerusalem, this Sunday we will wave palms, shout, “Hosannah!” and worship in community.

We will celebrate the bright victory of God’s love over darkness, even death. For many around the world, darkness comes in the form of a strange disease. A cancer. Victimization by sexual and gender-based violence. The despair of standing over a sick child’s bed, wondering where to turn for help.

On behalf of you, our members, IMA World Health stands with the world’s most vulnerable in their struggle for health, healing and well being.  We do so because we believe we will not achieve God’s Realm until the world’s most vulnerable have access to health services, compassionate healing and radical well being.

Every day we gather as a global community, a staff spread across six countries, championing the best in science for those often forgotten. Together, we work to fight malaria and other tropical diseases. In the wake of violence, we offer survivors opportunities for healing. We fight the scourge of malnutrition and its lifelong effects, and we bolster the health systems of poverty-stricken communities so they might meet and master their own afflictions.

While we aren’t lining the roads and waving palms, I believe our daily work does beckon Christ. Together, as members, as people of faith, as human beings concerned about and engaged in public health, we are working to manifest God’s Realm.  With every person treated for trachoma, or lymphatic filariasis, or for every child cured of Burkitt’s Lymphoma, every bed net distributed or health worker trained, I feel us inching ever closer to God’s Realm on earth.

It’s worth shouting “Hosannah” about!

Thank you for your commitment, partnership, and belief in our common mission.

Amy Gopp signature_black

The Rev. Amy Gopp
Vice President for External Relations