Join us in giving children with cancer ‘hope for life’ in Tanzania.

More than 85 percent of childhood cancer occurs in developing countries, such as Tanzania. Lack of access to health care contributes to poor survival rates in these countries. Please help our partner, Tumaini La Maisha, treat children with cancer in Tanzania and ensure they have easy access to locally based high quality curative and palliative treatment leading to survival outcomes similar to resource-rich settings.

IMA World Health supports Tumaini La Maisha pediatric cancer activities at Muhimbili National Hospital located in Tanzania. All funds donated will go directly to treating and curing children diagnosed with cancer.

Your gift will provide comprehensive care for each patient which includes essential chemotherapy drugs and nutrient-rich food to help them beat cancer.

  • $500 covers the cost of treatment and care for one child with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.
  • $100 a month ensures every child can eat healthy food while receiving care.
  • $75 is enough for 75 bottles of hand sanitizer.
  • $50 can cover the cost to accurately diagnose a child’s cancer condition.
  • $25 can cover the monthly cost of chemotherapy for one child.

Gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by U.S. law. If you have questions or need assistance, contact Fundraising Officer Jennifer Bentzel at 717-353-5088 or email