Reporting to the CEO, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) will lead all internal operations by directing all planning, administrative, and operational activities for the organization and ensuring cross-functional collaboration across programs/finance and operations teams. S/He will have the following responsibilities:

Essential Functions:

Organizational Responsibility:
• Provide strategic advice to CEO.
• Provide leadership to management of daily organizational operations.
• Develop a broad and deep knowledge of all programs and provide creative solutions to organizational and operational challenges.
• Provide key support to all field operations
• Serve as an effective member of the IMA Senior Management Team (SMT), supporting the CEO in the overall running/management of the organizational operations.
• Partner with the CEO, CFO and VP International Programs, acting as a point of contact between top management and employees or other stakeholders.
• Provide oversight and guidance to of management systems critical to the organization.
• Lead development and implementation of robust work plans that operationalize the strategic plan for administration, contract and compliance, HR, IT, communications and resource development departments.
• Develop and implement a system for tracking and reporting on the progress of the strategic plan implementation in the respective departments.
• Develop mechanisms to support transparency and the building of cross-departmental teams to support the overall function of the organization, with particular emphasis on facets of compliance.
• Provide leadership, direction and management support and development to line reports and take responsibility for a robust, open and healthy management culture.

Planning and Administration Responsibilities:
• Lead the performance management process that measures and evaluates progress against goals for the organization (institutional and individual performance).
• Provide for all staff a strong day-to-day leadership presence; bridge regional and international operations and support an open-door policy among all staff.
• Lead, coach, develop, and retain a high-performance team with an emphasis on developing capacity in strategic analysis and planning and program budgeting.
• Instill a human capital development and ‘coaching’ culture; upgrade human resources functions including: training, development, compensation and benefits, employee relations, performance evaluation and recruiting.
• Analyze the current technology infrastructure and scope out the next level of information technology and financial systems that support the growth of specific programs and the organization overall.

External Relations/Business Development/Governance and Resource Development Responsibility:
• Publicly represent IMA with external constituency groups including community, governmental, and private organizations and build excitement for IMA’s mission.
• Support administrative aspects including proposal preparation and granting writing.
• Create strong and deep capacity to support rapid start up of new projects (often in new countries)
• Work with the Board of Directors: present reports/information at the three full annual Board of Directors meetings and serve on several board committees.
• Provide management oversight of communications and fundraising.

Required Qualifications:

1. Post-Graduate degree; or ten to fifteen years’ related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience in several of the discipline areas and at the highest level of an organization.
2. Decisive individual who possesses a “big picture” perspective and is well versed in systems.
3. Proven record as an experienced leader and executive with strong interpersonal and team leadership skills within the context of a faith-based organization.
4. Proven record understanding field needs and providing support as well as creative solutions to challenges.
5. Flexibility to work in a rapidly changing environment, with a proven track record of effectiveness in working with and in diverse cultures.
6. Strong interpersonal skills including ability to communicate effectively with people individually and in groups; ability to communicate with technical and non-technical colleagues; experience establishing and maintaining effective relationships with functional leaders by understanding their department, its’ role in the organization and its’ internal and external links.
7. Experience leading, managing and participating on teams with shared responsibility for outcomes and decision-making.
8. Expertise in managing and leading meetings; experience developing agendas, facilitating discussions, establishing expectations, resolving conflict, encouraging participation and involvement, communicating roles.
9. Proven ability to supervise professional staff.
10. Excellent English skills, written and oral.

Desired Skills and Attributes:

1. Experience in working with a multicultural workforce with sensitivity and appreciation of cultural differences.
2. Appreciation for and willingness to commit to the corporate mission of IMA World Health as a service arm for health and development agencies of U.S. Protestant denominations.
3. Appreciation for and understanding of socio-cultural, health and development issues, trends and challenges in the regions where IMA World Health programs are established or emerging.
4. Proficiency in a second language applicable to IMA work (French) desired.

Travel: Given the combination of field operational needs (start up, monitoring, closeout, etc.) and representational aspects of the work, the COO should expect domestic and international travel at a level of 10-15%.

IMA is an Equal Opportunity Employer